Fireworks (single)


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released 14 January 2012
produced by Flashlights
mastered by Brian Marcus
artwork by Dillon Groeneman



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Fireworks
I can see the lights and power
Feeling close to something very strong
I can hear your words and laughter
Love to think they're taking me back home
I can see the look in eyes and know I'll never ever let you go
'Cuz i cant bear to face this ever harder situation on my own
On my eyes, she loves (everyone too)
Icy looks, I can't hold on for long

Eyes she loves (everyone too)
Icy looks, I can't hold on for long
It's like I've never held before

Sticking up
This was ecstasy and I
Feel the same when you're around
Like I'm floating in the clouds
You're taking over
Not like I mean it all
Down to the winter months, winter months, winter months